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WhatsApp Launches New Security Website, 6 Vulnerabilities Listed

WhatsApp Security

When it comes to security, WhatsApp is no joke. It recently uncovered six vulnerabilities that have affected the messaging service in the past but have now been promptly fixed by the company.

According to reports from WhatsApp itself, five of the six flaws were fixed on the day of their discovery, while fixing the remaining bug took a few more days. The company has also reassured users by specifying that these loopholes have not been exploited by potential criminals. Much of these new vulnerabilities were reported through the company’s Bug Bounty Program, while others were discovered during routine code reviews and using automated systems.

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WhatsApp has always worked hard to keep security standards as high as possible for its billions of users. Already in 2016, it launched end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the two chat interlocutors can read and hear the messages they send. Now, the company has opened a warning page  through which it engages in  transparency and, in his own words, “this resource is intended to help the wider technology community take advantage of the latest advances in our security efforts.” The page not only provides a complete list of security updates but also a list of associated vulnerabilities and common exposures (CVEs). In it will be possible to find an archive of past CVEs, dating back to 2018