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WhatsApp launching new features for its users

WhatsApp is launching new features for its users. WABetaInfo reports have revealed that WhatsApp has finally launched the Always Mute option for its Beta users. Once this feature is released, WhatsApp users can mute a chat for an indefinite period of time other than a maximum limit of 1 year. This feature has not been released for all the users, but it will be out very soon.

According to the details, another feature that has been launched by WhatsApp is a catalog shortcut. It is launched for WhatsApp Business. It gives the WhatsApp users access to the business catalog. WhatsApp has launched the feature in its Business App for both Android and iOS users.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has given an update to its UI look for Beta users. This feature was earlier launched in the past beta, but due to the slow launch, not many people received an update. Now with the present Android beta, many users will receive this feature.

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Media Guidelines is another feature being launched which would allow enabling guides in order to align the stickers and GIFs.

WhatsApp is also working on a feature to hide the Voice and Video Call buttons in chats with Verified Business accounts. These buttons have also disappeared from the Contact Info.

The blog stated, “We don’t know if it’s intentional or what, but apparently call buttons are unavailable for verified business accounts in the chat.”