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WhatsApp ‘leave groups Feature’ without notifying members in Works

The desire to leave a now redundant or annoying group on WhatsApp often runs counter to informing all group members that they have left the group. But WhatsApp is working on a feature that will no longer prominently notify everyone in the group of the departure.

Only group admins get a notification

Instead, only the group admins should be notified when a group member leaves the group. An accompanying screenshot, available to WABetaInfo, shows the new feature and the notification you will receive in the future when you want to leave a group. Before you leave, the following message will be displayed: “Only you and group administrators will be notified that you have left the group.”.

Other users will no longer be notified in the middle of the chat that the user has left the group, as they are now. In the future, if a user has left the group, it will only be visible in the group’s member list because the user is no longer there.

WhatsApp: Leaving a group without notification, inquiries, and confrontations with relatives, acquaintances, friends, or parents of classmates the children about the reason for leaving the group can be avoided in the future. Unsolicited (again) addition to a group can already be prevented in the WhatsApp settings.

The function is still in the early testing phase

The current screenshot of the feature is from a beta version of WhatsApp desktop, but silently leaving a group will also be available in WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Since the feature is currently in development and only recently entered beta, it will be fully open when WhatsApp actually introduces it to the general public.

Up to 512 people in a group

WhatsApp recently increased the maximum number of members in a group to 512 and introduced emoji reactions that can be used to reply to someone else’s message without your own message.