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WhatsApp Linked Devices Feature Gets Closer To Launch

It was reported two months ago that WhatsApp is getting ready to launch the feature which would allow users to use their single WhatsApp account on multiple devices.
For some time now, some WhatsApp users have wished to be able to use their account on multiple devices. Now the developers seem to have implemented this feature. In the latest beta version, the first indications of the function can be found.

According to WABetaInfo, beta version 2.20.117 for Android provides information on the upcoming “Linked Devices” feature. Here the user can link up to four different devices with his existing WhatsApp account. It is also possible to remove a connected device. The feature is currently still under development, so it is not possible to try it out at the present time.

Device only needs to be linked once

So far, WhatsApp could only be used as part of the WhatsApp Web on a second device. As soon as the user has registered and verified on another smartphone, the connection to the previously used device is automatically disconnected. WhatsApp Web requires a permanent connection to the logged-in smartphone.

With the new function, however, a device only has to be linked to the user’s account once in order to be able to receive and send messages. When the feature will be integrated into a final version of the messenger remains unclear. Currently, the “Linked Devices” function is only being tested internally, so it could take a few months before Facebook makes a corresponding update available.

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