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Why it is Time to Quit Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger has major security issues and Facebook is unable to fix them. Thus, it is the right time to quit Messenger and go for an alternate option. Even though Messenger introduced a security update recently that comes with biometric device locks on iOS, but this wouldn’t change much for the app.

Facebook while introducing the latest features claimed that “privacy is at the heart of Messenger—where you can be yourself with the people who matter most to you.”

Adding that the App Lock will “add another layer of security to your private messages to help prevent other people from accessing them.”

However, if we look at this security update it is synonymous to adding more security to the front door while keeping the back door open.

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Facebook said, “A secret conversation in Messenger is end-to-end encrypted and intended just for you and the person you’re talking to.”

This means that if the conversation is not secret, it is accessible by others. Even though the company has advocated end-to-end encryption, it has also admitted that there are technical issues for adding such security to Messenger. It can take years for it. Thus it is high time to switch to some other app.

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