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WhatsApp Might Launch Mobile Payments in Indonesia

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WhatsApp might launch mobile payments in Indonesia. The Facebook’s messaging service is in talks with many Indonesian digital payment companies for providing them with the mobile transaction services in a bid to knock on the fast-growing e-commerce sector of the nation, people aware of the matter informed.

Indonesia would become the second country across the globe where WhatsApp would be introducing such services, as it is waiting for the approval of the regulators from India, its biggest users’ market. The approval has been delayed owing to the storage rules of local data.

WhatsApp simply intends to serve as a platform in Indonesia for supporting payments through local digital wallets owing to the tough licensing rules, as per Reuters.

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The Indonesian model would serve as a template for WhatsApp to adopt in other emerging markets to get around the rules and regulations on the international players making their own digital wallets, as per sources.

Indonesia is the largest economy of Southeast Asia and is one of the top 5 markets across the globe for WhatsApp, with more than 100 million users.

The service was initially planned to begin at the end of 2019, however, two sources said that they anticipated it to be delayed by many months, as WhatsApp would not want to launch in Indonesia before it does in India.

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