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Asia Has More Smartwatch Users Than North America and Europe


Smartwatches are becoming more popular in the recent years, however, not at the pace manufacturers expected, this is due to the fact that adoption of Smartwatches is slower because of the slow integration of technologies that are important to be under one roof. For instance, Smartwatch cannot act like a fully functional smartphone until now but according to Michael Wolf of Forbes, Smartwatches may eventually replace smartphones and there are many reasons for that. The biggest reason for a Smartwatch to replace Smartphone is the integration of various technologies into a single, more compact, flexible device which is not too far from the ship of imagination nor from technical possibilities.

Asia (APAC) Has More Smartwatch Users Then Rest of The World

Surprisingly, APAC has more smartwatch users as compared to the rest of the world, Asian countries currently stand at 15% ahead of North America with 12% users. There is high adoption of smartwatches in Hong Kong 19% followed by India 18%, however, there is a catch, according to data acquired by (GWI) the term smartwatch in the Asia Pacific encompasses the range of devices priced between $1 to $20. So if you only put a WiFi adapter, browser and bigger screen in a watch that might also be known as a smartwatch in the Asia Pacific and sold under $20.

But the trend is gaining momentum; North America technically has the largest number of smartwatch users if you truly consider smartwatches and popular brands like Apple and Samsung.

Apple Is The Leading Smartwatch Brand in America and Europe

According to the statistics, the total number of smartwatch owners in North America own 61% of Apple smartwatches, Apple’s smartwatch market share is 52% ahead of Samsung which is only 23%, Xiaomi is also growing fast in Smartwatch category. Apple smartwatch is far more popular in the UK and U.S. as compared to other brands in those markets, it was reported earlier that Apple’s smartwatch shipments crossed 18 million in 2017, Apple’s smartwatch 5  with watchOS6 attracts more customers than ever with improved apps, features, and technologies.

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