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WhatsApp New Feature Leaked About Multiple Devices

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A frequently requested feature of WhatsApp users is to be able to use the chat service on several devices at the same time. The social media giant Facebook announced some time ago that there would be such a function. Now details have surfaced.

With multi-device support, four devices can be connected to one account without the need for an active internet connection on the original smartphone. The mobile app does not have to be running to be able to chat on other devices. The program can be opened and used in parallel on the four linked devices.

Smartphone can be offline for two months

A report from WABetaInfo explains more details about the new feature. The main device should be able to be disconnected from the network for up to two months without affecting the functionality of the other clients. In addition to the two apps WhatsApp Web and Desktop, the Facebook portal is also supported. Voice and video calls can also be started and accepted from all linked devices. A disadvantage is that it is not possible to write to people who have an outdated WhatsApp version installed on their smartphone.

Initially, multi-device support should be completely optional and it should be possible to try it out as part of a beta. Details on how to participate should be announced soon.

It is currently unclear when exactly all users will be able to use it on multiple devices. According to the report, the rollout should take place within the next two months. Before the feature is rolled out to all clients, WhatsApp should test the function comprehensively so that bugs and performance problems are eliminated.