WhatsApp New Privacy Policy: All Users Data Must Be Shared With Facebook

The social network Facebook already took over WhatsApp in 2014, but so far the popular messenger has been able to operate largely independently and data exchange with Facebook has been refused. That will change from February because new terms of use come into force.

WhatsApp has been a subsidiary of Facebook for many years now and it is actually amazing that the social network is only now taking the announced step. Because anyone who currently starts the WhatsApp application on their smartphone is greeted with a reference to updated terms of use and data protection guidelines. You have to accept this if you want to continue using WhatsApp.

Details are available in an update on the WhatsApp website, there you will also find the links to the exact terms of use and the privacy policy. As expected, the service emphasizes that “respect for your privacy is our top priority”. WhatsApp: “Since the start of WhatsApp, we have endeavoured to build our services in accordance with a number of strict data protection principles.”

Facebook permission no longer a choice

Essentially, the new terms and conditions allow Facebook to use WhatsApp data in full, for and on all platforms belonging to the company. The privacy policy states: “WhatsApp must receive or collect some information in order to operate, offer, improve, understand, individualize, support and market our services. This happens, for example, when you install and use our services or access them. ” However, this is not really new, but so far users have had the opportunity to object to this type of data usage or to explicitly exclude it. From February 8, 2021, this will no longer be possible. Because from now on you have to swallow this passage – or refrain from using WhatsApp.