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WhatsApp New Terms And Conditions Will Be Optional In Future

Facebook stirred up a lot of wind at the beginning of 2021 because it wanted to force users to accept new, controversial terms and conditions. These provided that the WhatsApp mother could access extended data from his messenger. Now you try again, with a middle ground.

WhatsApp owner Facebook has put the planned changes on hold for the time being after numerous protests and concerns from data protectionists, after some back and forth the topic initially disappeared from public attention. These were then distributed in mid-May, although the entry into force was delayed in various countries, including the EU. In addition, you could also reject the new terms and conditions, Facebook announced that in such cases, the accounts will be restricted. Initially, there was even talk of the users being kicked out.

Nothing will change for users of private chats

In short: the matter was and is somewhat confusing and it was not yet clear what was actually going to happen. WABetaInfo now reports that Facebook is apparently trying to find a middle ground. Accordingly, WhatsApp will soon announce that you can continue to use the messenger to chat with friends and family, so you don’t have to accept any new terms of use.

However, if you want to get in touch with companies or cloud providers in the future and send messages to such contacts, you have to accept the updated terms and conditions. The associated display only appears if you want to send a new message to a corresponding company.

In other words: If you use WhatsApp purely for private communication, you will never see the corresponding terms and conditions interface. This revised solution will also be presented soon, according to WABetaInfo the appropriate iOS and Android update is already in progress or will be distributed soon.

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