WhatsApp now allows you to start a chat with an unknown number

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps across the globe. It has millions of users. It has tons of useful features and the company keeps adding more and more new features to improve user experience on the app. Sometimes the platform holds some annoying features that can complicate the chats.  One such feature is the requirement to save the phone number in your phone directory before starting a chat with an unknown number.

In temporary cases, saving phone numbers is quite annoying. But thankfully, the company is going to change this. In accordance with recent reports, users can now begin chatting with unknown numbers. Previously, users could avoid this by using certain short links like wa.me. such links helped to open chats with new numbers. However, only a limited number of users are aware of these tricks. On the other hand, such tricks are troublesome and awkward.

WAbetaInfor is the source of this recent piece of information. According to the source, Android and iOS users can now begin chats with new/unknown numbers by just searching for them. As soon as a user enters the number in the search bar, the app will search for a saved contact. Users will be shown the number directly after the entered number doesn’t match the saved contacts list.

The feature is accessible to all users of WhatsApp be it Android or iOS. It means that users are no longer required to rely on third-party apps, link shorteners, and other tricks to chat with an unknown number. Although the company has not officially claimed about the new feature it is working.

We advise readers to review their privacy settings since the feature is now operational. On WhatsApp, anyone can message you, but you can still manage other aspects of your profile information, including your profile photo, online and last seen status, your About page, and your stories. Furthermore, unknown callers can also be instantly silenced.

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