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WhatsApp Numbers of Random Users Surfacing on Google

The WhatsApp numbers of random users are showing on Google due to the company’s “Click to Chat” feature. As per a researcher who claims to have discovered this development, this is termed as a privacy issue and said that it leaks almost 3 lakh phone numbers of WhatsApp users in plaintext.

But the issue is not as serious as it is shown in the media. It just makes the phone numbers of those users searchable on Google who chose to make the number public by generating the links. Furthermore, no names or private details are coming in the Google Search.

The Click to Chat feature of WhatsApp permit you to create a link via which anyone can connect with your WhatsApp profile directly. This omits the need of adding the phone number to your contact list to chat. It allows you to connect with people on the app directly via using a link that includes the phone number of the WhatsApp contact.

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WhatsApp ‘Click to Chat’ feature has been available for quite some time now and businesses usually use it connect with the customers without requiring them to save their numbers.

Research Athul Jayaram claims to “have discovered this privacy issue.”