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WhatsApp on Android will crash if you click this harmless link

WhatsApp is a famous messaging platform. It is used by millions and billions of users across the globe. Although the platform is trustworthy and secure, however, it is not safe from occasional bugs. As per a tweet from @BruteBee, a new harmless link is forcing the WhatsApp app to crash on Android.

In accordance with the latest information, the app will enter a crash loop as soon as a user types in. Well, users need to be careful and watchful of links they open on social media sites. If a user receives a link, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the malicious one and a harmless one. In the recent case, the link is quite basic and general that is used by WhatsApp.

The link constantly crashes the app

Well, the link under discussion is “wa.me/settings”. As you can read it, the link is quite basic and simple. It directs users to WhatsApp settings. It is a native link that directs users to the main function of the app. As spotted in the version of the Android app, the link causes the app to crash as soon as a user taps on it.

Besides this, the app will crash even if the user accesses the chat again. The app enters a crash loop that can be annoying for users. well, there is a solution to this problem as reported by Android Authority. Login into your app via the desktop. Delete the chat containing the link. There is no information on whether the company is aware of this bug or not. Hopefully, the company will fix this issue.

Just be careful before tapping on any link. Since you will be required to delete the whole conversation that contains the link and the conversation might be important for you.

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