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WhatsApp On Multiple Devices: Beta Releasing Soon


Being able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without an active smartphone connection: the messenger developers have been working on this idea for years. Now a release seems to be foreseeable. The desktop beta offers an outlook, the first test will follow soon.

Synchronization Evovles

It was 2019 when we first reported on plans for multi-device support on WhatsApp. At that time, the company officially started development, but then repeatedly emphasized that major technical hurdles would have to be overcome before a release. A good two years later, it finally seems to be making big strides towards publication. “It was a daunting technical challenge to keep all of your messages and content in sync,” Mark Zuckerberg told WaBetaInfo in early June. “We look forward to delivering it very soon.”

Now it’s WaBetaInfo once again, which gives an outlook on how the use of multiple devices with WhatsApp should work in the future. The function will celebrate its first appearance in the beta of the WhatsApp desktop application, which will be available “soon” for Mac and Windows. At the moment one can assume that a first limited release will take place in the next two months. As soon as available, the user is shown a new message with the following text: “Call and send messages without connecting your phone. Use WhatsApp on up to 4 devices at the same time.”

Proceed with caution

For WhatsApp, the feature brings with it one of the greatest technical upheavals in its own history. And so it is not surprising that the function will not be made standard for the foreseeable future, but will be offered as an option. After years of development, it will now be interesting to see how multi-device support works with broad availability in everyday user life.