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WhatsApp Recent Feature Allow Users to Send Private Reply in Group Chats

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The most famous messaging application—WhatsApp is launching a new feature that would enable the users to send a private reply in group chats.

As per rumours the social media messaging app is introducing the “Reply privately”, a new feature that would permit users to send messages in a group chat privately, as noticed by the famous tipster WABetaInfo.

As per the details provided by Phone World, the feature works in the group conversations. The feature is useful when a user is in a group chat with someone and wants to reply to any one particular group member that no one else could see. But, an important thing to mention here is that that this message would be sent in a private chat box.

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The feature is for now in the beta version of its Android app. For accessing the feature, the user would need to choose the message they want to respond to. Users would then need to click on the three dots coming on the top of the chat. From then the user would have to choose “Reply Privately”. WhatsApp would then automatically be opening a private chat window with that particular contact.

As per the First Post, this feature would save a lot of time since the user would no more be required to get out of the group and then search for the concerned person’s name and then type in the reply to the message.

Furthermore, recently WhatsApp mobile messaging Vice President—Chris Daniels has also given confirmation that app would soon be home to advertisements via its Status feature.

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