Whatsapp Scam Warning: You Should Be Aware Of Latest Whatsapp Scam

A scam message is being shown on WhatsApp which tells users that they can customize the app with a variety of colors.


The whole scenario is this that a spam message would appear on your phone and you will be teased to open it. It would say “Now you can customize your WhatsApp in to your favorite color. The statement is appealing. You will be further asked to share and spread the message to twelve more friends. By sharing it the custom color feature would get activated. Once this verification process is completed, the users will be told that this feature can be used only through a desktop so install a certain extension. This extension is called BlackWhats and it will be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

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Truth is this whole message and the extension is false and bogus. The users would install nasty adware and also spread it to twelve of their friends simultaneously.

WhatsApp has 1.2 billion users; people from all age groups use this app daily. They need to improve the system so that such fake messages are controlled. Also the users should not activate any message that asks them to spread it to other friends. In this insecure online world, we need to be smart and intelligent enough to keep our systems safe and secure.

Image via: Daily Express