WhatsApp seeks to improve the consistency of the app’s appearance

Another day and another update from WhatsApp grabbed our attention. The famous messaging platform is constantly upgrading its app with new and improved features to offer a unique and better user experience. the latest modifications spotted in the beta version of the app indicate that the company is aiming at offering a consistent look throughout the app. As per the recent pieces of information, a future update of the Android version of WhatsApp might introduce a white action bar.

With the past few version, the company is trying hard to bring some unique elements to the app’s aesthetics. The company has introduced Material Design 3 to the app. It is based on rounded UI elements just like the ones presented with Google apps.

We all know that WhatsApp has Android as well as iOS versions. aesthetically the two versions can be different. An Android user is not concerned about how the app works and looks like on the iOS version and the same is the case with iOS users. however, the company is now trying to offer a more cohesive look across the two platforms.

WABInfo reports that the Android beta version will introduce the white action bar. It is basically a toolbar presented at the bottom of the screen. It contains some essential tools that will aid in navigating the app. It includes four tabs namely Chats, Status, Communities, and Calls tabs at the bottom of the screen.

The color of the toolbar will be consistent with the app’s interface. In this way, it will provide a seamless experience. the pill-shaped tab will be highlighted whenever a user is using a particular tab. In reality, the action bar is white but with a dark theme, it will change its color. Recently, the company enabled swiping between different tabs on the app instead of tapping on them. It is anticipated that the same will be the case with the future update of the white action bar.

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