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WhatsApp Status Restricted Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has been freaking out of the world; the company has taken a decision to restrict the WhatsApp status function in some countries. The restriction is placed temporarily though.

WhatsApp Status Function Is Limited Due To Coronavirus

With over two billion users in the world, WhatsApp is by far the most popular messenger. It is all the more important that it works without failures. Recently it was reported that the load on WhatsApp is almost as big every day as it was at the end of the year, almost 40% increase in WhatsApp usage was recorded. Anyone who sends New Year’s greetings via WhatsApp at the end of the year knows that this sometimes only works with a delay. So that this does not happen during the coronavirus pandemic, WhatsApp has already increased the capacities. In some countries, however, the status function is now restricted to relieve the messenger – as WABetaInfo reports:

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Accordingly, the video length of a WhatsApp status is halved in some countries around the world. While you could record 30 seconds so far, it is now 15 seconds. This should bring significant relief, without the function having to be completely eliminated. In India in particular, the status function is very popular and is now being used extensively. 

It is only a temporary restriction that will be removed when the situation calms down. However, it could also be extended to other countries if necessary. Many services have already announced restrictions in the past few weeks. Streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, in particular, are lowering their bit rate and transmission quality in order to relieve the network and ensure that the services can continue to be used. Many people now sit at home and have a lot of free time, so ensuring the function is currently more important than quality. So WhatsApp reacts just right. 

Many will probably not even notice the restriction, as it should be implemented very variably depending on the country. It could also be removed if the workload allows it. So don’t be surprised if your video for WhatsApp status suddenly turns out to be shorter than earlier.

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