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WhatsApp to Increase Number of Group Participants for Audio and Video Calls

Internet usage and traffic has surged with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Globally there has been an increase in audio and video chatting apps.

There are many platforms that have increased their functionality to allow more users in group video calls. Google Duo, Discord, Zoom are amongst those apps that have allowed more people in group video calls for convenience during the quarantine. Google Duo increased its total limit of video call participants by 50%.

In the latest version of WhatsApp beta, a few lines of coding was discovered that reveals that the app is working on something similar. WhatsApp will be increasing its number of audio and video calls participants to more from its current limit of 4.

The current limit of WhatsApp participants is quite less than its competitors, thus it makes sense that it is increasing its limit. However we do not what the new increased number would be.

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Also there has been a minor visual update as well in the latest beta version. A new header will be featured in WhatsApp calls that will indicate that the call is protected by end to end encryption. This is a move inspired by Zoom’s recent mishaps.

Furthermore, WhatsApp will get additional backup security and an advanced search feature soon.

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