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WhatsApp to Start Showing Ads to Users

Earlier it was in reports that Facebook is intending to push ads on its messaging application—WhatsApp soon. Then the reports surfaced that the popular messaging platform owned by Facebook is to begin showing ads to the users alongside its status feature.

As per the new reports, WhatsApp would soon start showing ads to the users.

It is not clear though at this point that whether these ads would be targeted. After all, the messages exchanged on WhatsApp are encrypted, which means that Facebook cannot use them to dig data on its users. It might be possible, that the firm may choose to link phone numbers with respective Facebook profiles. This would permit the social media giant to place aimed ads based on the activities of the users within other applications.

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WhatsApp Status has got a total of four hundred and fifty million users throughout the world. Now they would be making use of the Facebook’s advertising system as WhatsApp Status which would begin showing ads next year. Now the company would be using WhatsApp Status as a revenue generating source.

Furthermore, Facebook would extensively use WhatsApp Business as a significant revenue-driven model.

Last year in the month of July, Facebook made the announcement to show ads within the Messenger application. But, WhatsApp has nearly 1.5 billion active users on a monthly basis, which is almost twice what Messenger has got, and that gives a great potential to the social networking giant’s ad revenue.

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