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WhatsApp Users Experiencing Issues in Sharing Multimedia

WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp users all across Pakistan and many other nations, are experiencing issues in sharing multimedia which includes videos, images and voice notes.

Many users took it to social media platforms mentioning that they were able to send and receive messages, however, could not share any multimedia.

The instant messaging service of the application were down in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and many other nations.

The services experienced disruption issue emerged from the server issues, as per the reports of international media.

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Facebook has decided that it would not be introducing ads in its extremely popular messaging platform, WhatsApp.

If the ads would have been introduced then the people would have seen targeted ads all across the platform of the messaging application.

This plan if would have launched then would have received a lot of backlash and criticism, however, the parent company decided otherwise for the time being, it has got the objective of integrating the ads into the status feature of WhatsApp in the future.

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