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WhatsApp will let you silence unknown calls

Being one of the best messenger apps, WhatsApp comes with some drawbacks. It’ll keep you connected with your loved ones despite the distance, but on the other hand, spam calls or telemarking can be troublesome despite their popularity. With the daily use of this app, we expect it to have built-in systems for avoiding unknown calls. But it seems this isn’t the case. But with the latest news update from the platform, it seems to be working on finding solutions to avoid unknown callers with a simple toggle through settings.

This feature’s existence was first hinted at a few months ago, and as of WhatsApp beta for Android version, it now appears to be reaching a select group of beta testers. If it’s active on your device, the newly introduced toggle may be accessed under Settings -> Privacy. The screenshot that follows is from a March story about the feature that was published by the outlet.

Just like other WhatsApp betas, this feature’s visibility will also be available to limited beta users. Although this feature is on its way to being available for beta users and stable channels, Although this feature will block calls from unknown sources, it’ll still display the calls in the tab if the call person is known and you haven’t saved the number just yet.

According to WABetaInfo, being able to block obnoxious callers would also benefit those who create WhatsApp communities where the phone number is always displayed, resulting in a never-ending stream of spam and shady calls. At this time, it’s unclear when the toggle will arrive on the stable channel.

The much-awaited bottom bar is one of the most recent updates to WhatsApp for Android’s beta version. The messaging software, which is owned by Meta, has also made a tiny design change to better display missed calls.