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Google News gets Material You redesign, though it’s incomplete for now

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If you’re still using Google News, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s finally getting a Material Design redesign. With this update, Google News will be added along with all other apps that already have this update.

Google News to get material you update

As Google brings material you to its News app, it seems that update isn’t finished just yet. The most demanding feature of dynamic theming is missing in the update. Due to this, the app will not be adapting the colours of your home screen wallpaper for now. By default, the app is designed with some shades of blue that can’t be altered with the current update.

But there are several changes that came along with this update, including a pill-shaped indicator on the navigation bar that will highlight the current tab in use. This is a prominent change being introduced with this update.

Along with that, dynamic theming is on its way to becoming a part of applications. although we aren’t sure when it’ll be available. This update currently seems incomplete, but we can hope for functionality to reach us soon.

Apps updated by Google

As all of Google’s apps didn’t receive material you updated,  it was introduced to some major apps available on the platform. As Google is in the process of bringing this update to all apps, it will be great to see the relative popularity among the apps with this update.

Unfortunately, Google does not provide a date for these adjustments. So, all we can do is wait as we sit. Now, it appears that a server-side update is being used to achieve this Google News adjustment. I was unaware that Google News had been modified, but I now have the new look. So, if it hasn’t reached you yet, just wait; it will arrive shortly.

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