WhatsApp Will Soon Allow To Message Unsaved Number


WhatsApp has rolled out a noteworthy feature in its beta version for Windows, enabling users to initiate chats with unsaved numbers. This addition comes as a part of the beta update available on the Microsoft Store, marking a step towards providing a more user-friendly and private messaging experience. Here’s what this new feature entails:

Messaging Unsaved Numbers:

According to the report from WABetaInfo, windows now facilitates users to start conversations with numbers that are not saved in their contact lists. The process is straightforward – users can navigate to the “New Chat” screen where they can input the unsaved number to initiate a chat. This functionality is particularly useful for users who need to message new contacts without having to save their numbers permanently.

Enhanced Privacy:

In addition to the convenience of messaging unsaved numbers, this feature also aligns with the objective of maintaining user privacy. It provides an option for users to communicate without the necessity of saving the contact information, thereby offering a more private messaging experience.

Beta Testing Phase:

Currently, this feature is available to select beta testers as a part of the ongoing testing phase. It’s accessible through the beta update available on the Microsoft Store. The feedback from this testing phase will likely contribute to refining the feature before a broader rollout to all users.


This new feature enhances the flexibility and privacy of messaging on WhatsApp for Windows users. It’s a significant update that addresses a common user requirement of messaging new or temporary contacts without the need to save their numbers.


As of now, the feature is being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows. There is no official word yet on when it will be available in the stable version, but the current testing phase is a positive indication of its eventual rollout to a broader user base.

The integration of the ability to message unsaved numbers in WhatsApp beta for Windows is a meaningful upgrade in enhancing user privacy and convenience, making the messaging platform more adaptable to varied user needs.

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