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WhatsApp will soon let you unsend the risky message

WhatsApp is currently testing the feature to unsend messages that can be quite risky at some occasions, the message you sent can be reversed in the new feature update before the double ticks or double ticks turning blue.

You must have come across some Android phones text messaging which allow users to unsend the message by double tapping it for the time already set in the settings like 5 seconds. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is now almost in final stages and deleting messages before they are delivered, it seems WABeta has completed the feature testing and it is about to roll out soon, we might expect the new feature rolling out in a week or two.

It’s still shady though, how this new feature will work, would it remove the message after sending and delivering (Like Skype, you can send edit or even remove the message but the next person can know exactly what you did, sent the message and then removed it or edited it), or it will stop the message being sent and delivered as well.

Most probably, it will work like Skype, the person on the other side will get notified but with a removed message.

The new feature is quite handy but it might create more problems between the people who are already in doubts, now you may have to answer what the message was about, was it intended for someone else? Why did you remove it? And blah blah, you have to master all these questions with appropriate answers.

The update is a leak basically, the details of this feature are not confirmed yet.