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WhatsApp’s approach to third-party chats might not be so bad

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An executive has already described how alternative chat platforms would be supported by WhatsApp in the near future. More information regarding this third-party chat feature has now been made public by a trustworthy source. Version of WhatsApp for Android has an intriguing screen that WABetaInfo spotted. It allows users to disable third-party chats or restrict the feature to specific apps.

Given that an executive last month stated that users may be able to disable third-party chats, this news is hardly surprising. It’s intriguing to note, though, that consumers have the option of deciding which apps to approve. That might be excellent for security and privacy, particularly for platforms that are vulnerable to spammers and scammers.

In order to give consumers a better picture of how things would operate, the publication has revealed the splash screen for third-party chats. The snapshot displays a notice that states, “Third-party apps are offered to our European Region users as required by law.” This implies that discussions with third parties won’t be accessible outside of Europe. Last week, we requested WhatsApp reps to confirm this, but there isn’t any response so far.

The source reaffirmed that group conversations are incompatible with applications from outside sources. It also confirmed earlier reports that video and audio calls will not function. In any case, it’s evident that WhatsApp’s capability for third-party chats is currently developing. Thus, it may not take long for Europeans to employ it.

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