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WhatsApp’s emoji keyboard soon to be available for beta users

There are certain situations when texting is the best option other than calling, but it’s often hard to express emotions through text. We have had emojis for that purpose, but they might be missing out in some areas relating to our texts. It’s crucial to have emojis that match perfectly with our text, for which purpose WhatsApp is reconsidering its emoji keyboard to get it aligned with its colossal user base.

Back in April, we got to see the first look at the emoji keyboard, which was displaying a capsule containing three options to switch between (emoji, GIFs, and stickers). Although the keyboard was still missing in categories as it was still under development and wasn’t available to the average beta user for the time being,

As per reports via WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s version contains a glimpse of an emoji keyboard under development. Although the keyboard is still unavailable for beta users, it seems that the emoji selection bar is back on the platform. With the latest update, the selection bar is placed at the bottom instead of at the top. The bar will let you choose between emojis efficiently instead of searching through lots of them.

The comeback of this feature is no surprise, as it seems that when we got it back in April, it was still under development. But with the latest reports, it seems to be complete now and is expected to be available for beta users soon. We hope for it to be available to all users soon, within this year. Other than that, WhatsApp is working on supporting new animated emojis that will be a more convenient way to express oneself while texting.

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