WhatsApp’s implemented AI chatbot to the platform ahead of release

AI has been gaining traction in practically every app that can be seen on Android, as well as other operating systems. While Google’s Bard chatbot and Search Labs projects are gaining momentum with testers, Microsoft provides Copilot on Windows. Concurrently, Meta is integrating an artificial intelligence assistant into its platforms, encompassing Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, the new AI chatbot is currently being distributed widely.

Meta first revealed its intentions to experiment with an AI chatbot for its well-known services back in September of this year. The implementation at the time was very similar to Google Bard and ChatGPT from OpenAI. For smooth and realistic communication, the company primarily relied on the Llama 2 large language model, while a collaboration allowed Microsoft Bing to handle all the grunt work, identifying the answers to your web-searched questions. You may try one of the platform-specific features, like AI-generated visual effects for Instagram photographs, or ask the AI any question you want. But access to these AI technologies was restricted to a small number of testers.

Following several months of beta testing, WABetaInfo discovered a brand-new AI-powered chat shortcut in WhatsApp, suggesting Meta has put the finishing touches on the product. This is encouraging since it suggests a bigger rollout, at least for the beta channel. Meta should eventually make the stable channel available as well.

Accessing the generative AI in WhatsApp is now simpler thanks to a new floating action button

The floating action button (FAB) that appears just above the new message FAB in the Chats page of WhatsApp is the new shortcut for initiating a conversation with AI. The Meta AI in WhatsApp, which was previously hidden away in the Contacts area, is now much easier to access with this new launch shortcut, which appears as a multicolored circle inside a light gray button. Because the new placement makes the feature noticeable if you haven’t seen it previously, it also helps with feature discovery.

WhatsApp beta version is compatible, according to WABetaInfo, while some testers may notice the feature even on the previous version The former is presently accessible through the Play Store, which gives us confidence that a stable channel release of WhatsApp’s AI chatbot won’t be too long off. Other significant features of the messaging app that are now available to users include audio chats for larger groups, which eliminate the need to initiate noisy phone calls with each member, and a new link with DocuSign that makes digital signings simpler.

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