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WhatsGap Removed by Google from its App Store

WhatsGap, the famous Hong Kong pro-democracy mapping app has been removed by Google from its app store. The app used to recognize those retailers that are in support of the Hong Kong’s democracy. The app was removed by Google because it was sparked by “sensitive content” that was published on its mapping app.

A Google spokesperson said, “We have a long-standing policy prohibiting apps that lack reasonable sensitivity towards or capitalize on serious ongoing conflicts or tragedies, After careful review, we found this app to be violating that particular policy and suspended it, as we have done with similar attempts to profit from other high-profile events such as earthquakes, crises, suicides, and conflicts.”

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Also, unlike Apple that withdrew HKmap.live from its app store, users will be able to WhatsGap on Android. But there are many netizens who have boycotted Google over its decision to remove the app from its store. On different social media platforms they have expressed their anger. Furthermore, Google received an objection from the Hong Kong authorities.

On Twitter users wrote and shared their opinions on this being a good chance for the Hong Kong people to know who and what they are and how their pro-democracy stance is being taken.

In an earlier article, we informed our readers that Google has suspended its services with Huawei. The search engine giant has stopped its proprietary apps and services on Huawei Mobiles.

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