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macOS Big Sur Code Indicates Face-ID Coming For Macs


While the current iPhones and iPads have been able to be unlocked for some time using the face recognition technology Face-ID, the function on the Macs is still missing. However, hints in the macOS Big Sur code indicate that this will change soon.

Apple recently released the third beta version of macOS Big Sur. As 9to5mac has now noticed, there are indications in the program code of the operating system that Apple Face-ID will soon also be available for Macs. The terms “PearlCamera”, “FaceDetect” and “BioCapture” appear in the program code. The same names can also be found in the iOS code and can, therefore, be associated with Face-ID. The software in which the terms appear is said to have been specially developed for macOS.

This means that the code is not part of the Catalyst technology. Apple wants to enable developers to bring their iOS apps to Mac more easily.

Hardware is not yet available

So far, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have only been able to use Touch ID for biometric unlocking. When the Macs get support for Face-ID remains unclear. The implementation is said to be in an early stage of development, so it may take a few months before the technology can be found in MacBooks. In addition, the current models do not yet have the appropriate hardware to use Face-ID. A TrueDepth camera is required for the technology.

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