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Why You Must Use “Safely Remove” Option While Removing USB

While using a USB drive we all are in some kind of haste and we just remove the device once the purpose is achieved. Most of us never select the option of safely ejecting it, considering the option useless. However, surprisingly it actually does matter.

We carelessly skip the safely eject option and acts carelessly while pulling out the USB and miraculously the device works completely fine the next time we plug it in. But if the device is removed safely this could actually help in rightly saving the data and software.

A question was posted on the question and answer site—Quora, relating this careless ejection of the USB drive to which a distinguished engineer and a published writer—Philip Remaker replied that the act creates confusion for the computer since it is under the file reading activity, this could result in losing data or crashing programs or causing corrupted file systems or hanging up computers needing a reboot.

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Additionally, if the user has changed or uploaded some new data on the USB drive, then it could be risky and might even result in the files being lost forever.

Remaker further gave an explanation in simplified words that when the USB drive is removed from the disk without notifying the computer, all the programs get frantic about the sudden loss of media saying, “Hey! I was using that!”

He further explained that when the option to remove the device safely is selected then the command flushes all the active writes to disk and notifies all the programs about the USB drive removal so that needed action could be taken. It also notifies the user if the programs fail to act informing that it is not safe to remove the drive right now.

Remaker concluded that the USB drive could be removed at any time, however, this act would leave the user at the complete mercy of the programs using the drive that how well they adjust with the disappearance of the disk.

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