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Why You Should Have Precious Metals in Your Portfolio

Financial experts agree on one thing – money that just sits there is nothing but wasted money. Although saving is always a good move, inflation and upcoming monetary trends will most likely cause paper currencies to lose their value. So you have to find a way to protect your retirement nest from these events, and investing is a great way to do that.

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You don’t have to be wealthy or financially savvy to invest. Goodwill, certain foreknowledge, some funds, and a good investment partner to support you in this venture is enough to get started. That will help you create your portfolio, where you should definitely find a place for precious metals.

There are many reasons to consider adding some sparkle to your portfolio. When you save money, you do that to ensure a more carefree future for yourself. But you should definitely take extra steps to prevent any risk, including loss. That’s where precious metals can jump in.


The greatest fear of every investor is loss. However, it’s a real risk they consciously accept when they put their money into certain assets. The values of investment vehicles go up and down all the time, and these are normal cycles, especially for highly volatile assets like equities. If most of your portfolio consists of them, there’s a great chance that you ”won’t survive” a market crash.

That is why it is necessary to add something to your portfolio to balance it. Depending on your aversion to risk, one part of your portfolio should be in riskier but more profitable investments. The second part should be something that will preserve your wealth, like precious metals. Although they’re also volatile assets, they perform much better than any other commodity during crises.

In the event of a possible market crash, gold, silver, and other valuable elements won’t lose their value. In fact, it’ll more likely go up, given that most investors turn to gold during economic turmoil. If you own these valuable assets at that moment, you won’t only preserve your fund, but you can also significantly increase it. That’s when you should take advantage of the increased demand that’ll certainly lead to an increase in the prices of these alternative assets.

Immunity to Negative Monetary Trends

In uncertain times, most seasoned investors seek salvation in precious metals. One of the main reasons for this is its historical value and proven effectiveness in protecting investors’ wealth from the negative impact of inflation. When the dollar falls, goods tied to this currency also depreciate in value. But gold and silver do not.

Precious metals actually have the reverse trajectory of fiat currencies. At a time when money can become worthless, more and more people try to offset their losses with stable assets like precious metals. Logically, the increased demand for something that doesn’t have sufficient supply to satisfy all those needs affects the growth of its value. Simply put, the less valuable the dollar, the more valuable the precious metals.

If the opposite happens, that is, if the global currency strengthens, precious metals will retain their value. This makes them an excellent inflation hedge and a completely logical choice for your portfolio, which by adding these assets will become more stable and less prone to loss of value. Even if you only have a few percent of your funds in precious metals, it can be a good enough defense against negative monetary trends.

Growth Potential

The value of precious metals is mostly driven by supply and demand (more on other factors read here). The rarer the metal and the more complex it is to mine and process, the less it is in circulation (gold, platinum) and the more expensive it is. Plus, if there’s increased demand, these are already two “incentives” for the prices of precious metals to go up.

But investors aren’t the only ones seeking precious metals. Besides being alternative investment assets, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are raw materials of great importance for a large number of industries.

For example, gold is used for making electronic components, cosmetics, and medicines. Silver is vital in high-tech industries and the construction of solar panels. Palladium has become irreplaceable in car production, while almost half of the mined platinum goes to the needs of the aerospace, automotive, and electronic industries.

So, it’s clear that the demand for precious metals is increasing unstoppably. Considering that the current supplies of most of them are low, obtaining them is a global issue. This makes some precious metals rare and, therefore, valuable. So now is the time to “grab” some of them and wait for the right moment to cash them in, and thus not only preserve but also increase your wealth.

High Liquidity

The fact that precious metals are in high demand has led to a high rate of liquidity. You can turn part of your valuable assets into cash at any time and do that at any reputable dealer or goldsmith. Unlike many other commodities, gold, silver, and their peers are easy to sell, in the quantity you want, at current market prices. So whenever you lack cash, you can liquidate a portion of your valuable assets and enjoy a high return.

Easy to Obtain

Besides the fact that precious metals are easy to sell, they are also easy to buy. Whenever you decide to enrich your portfolio with these assets, you can do so with the broker’s help. There’s no minimum you can buy because physical precious metals come in various forms and weights.

If you decide to have gold in your IRA, you should check out Bonds Online and look for reputable IRA companies to help you add some spark to your retirement nest. In this way, these valuable assets can become part of your long-term investment strategy, bringing you many benefits in years to come.

Having precious metals in your portfolio is a wise move, no matter how much you invest in it. These assets might not bring fast and immense profits, but they’re the best method to preserve your wealth and increase it over time.

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