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Will Apple’s Foldable Phone Come Too Late?

Apple is responsible for creating some of the best phones in the industry. Technologically relevant, durable and strong is their speciality. They commonly jump on trends as they unfold without wasting time. Although they seem to be lagging behind when it comes to the foldable phone trend

We saw Samsung unveiling their foldable range in 2019 and 2020 with the Galaxy Flip Z and Galaxy Fold. These phones are known to have foldable designs that convert the phone from one gadget into another. This started the trend of foldable phones with a seamless appearance. 

These foldable devices don’t only give people an amazing experience but also provide various advantages for users, especially game players. So why is Apple slow at jumping on this trend? Come with us as we try to uncover the possibilities.

What do Gamers and iGamers Think About These Foldable Devices? 

Smartphone technology has become essential in accessing your favourite games. You find some of the best mobile online casinos on your device with a simple touch. The one thing we know is those gamers love anything that enhances the gaming experience and these foldable devices provide just that. Here are some more benefits of gaming on these devices: 

The performance on these devices doesn’t throttle over a two-hour game of Diablo and their unfolding to larger screens makes them even more satisfying.

The placement of the speakers especially when the device is in landscape orientation means that you won’t block the speakers giving you a more audible session especially if you prefer gaming with stereo speakers. 

What the Rumours Have to Say: Why the Delay? 

As Samsung continues to release foldable smartphones and some other companies like Motorola,  Huawei and LG follow suit we wonder why Apple refuses to jump on the trend. Well creating a foldable iPhone is in the pipeline as Apple is working on figuring out how to do it. 

If Apple will be making a foldable smartphone they’ll have to figure out how to do it. They claim that if they will be making foldable devices they have to maintain the same quality and standard as previously produced iPhones. They want to make sure the foldable device will sell as fast as all their products. 

Apple also needs to consider the phone’s physical appearance. Foldable phones have several mechanical parts that easily wear out and malfunction such as its hinge components designed to keep dust out and the multiple layers in the folding screen. Initial tests of the Galaxy Fold showed some display and hinge faults. This was some time ago and Samsung has since worked on that issue. 

In 2016, there were hints in the market that LG was producing foldable displays in the masses. It was said they would be produced for various brands, including the Apple iPhone. The concept remained alive in 2017 when Apple indicated its partnership with LG. LG has multiple foldable displays that use a flexible OLED panel but still nothing from Apple.

Rumours also suggested that Samsung, the major supplier of Apple’s displays, offered to supply some foldable displays to Apple. Apparently, they are supplying some foldable samples to Apple promising a foldable device for iPhone users. We continue to wait.  

A reliable source Ming-Chi Kuo who has been an apple analyst for years said in 2021 Apple hadn’t kicked off developing a foldable iPhone. Instead, some experiments are in progress with an 8-inch and 9-inch foldable iPhone with a flexible OLED screen. He had said the release would be in 2024 and then later changed to 2025. Ross Young, a display analyst, has also gone with 2025. 

Apple hasn’t been silent on the issue as they have discussed having a number of foldable screens. They plan on maintaining their “mostly invisible hinge” where the electronics will be located behind the display rather than having two panels that separate using a visible hinge. If you’re a Macbook user, you know Apple is at the top when it comes to hinge dependability and design. Apple is also concerned that foldable smartphones could just be a passing trend.

According to Kuo, the Apple analyst, the company is testing electronic paper display (EPD) technology. Young suggests that Apple is struggling to find a good volume of cover glass. 

The high price possibility of the foldable iPhone could be another issue delaying Apple from releasing the device. Their penchant for failing could be iPhone’s reason to wait until the technology has become flawless before releasing their foldable version. 

What Do We Have to Say? 

Apple is known to set trends and not follow them. Despite the multiple releases by Samsung and LG, they are barely losing sleep. We believe the release of the iPhone fold won’t be too late for the loyal Apple customer base despite when they’re released. Apple products go through multiple testing processes before they’re released to the public. Rumours have it that Apple will release a foldable iPhone in 2025. Let’s wait and see what Apple has for us.

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