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Windows 10 Camera App Now Scans QR Codes

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The Redmond company Microsoft would like to update the camera app integrated into Windows 10 and equip it with a new, practical feature. Users should soon be able to scan and read QR codes directly via the application.

Useful on mobile devices

The camera app is a useful tool for taking pictures or videos quickly, especially on mobile devices. Since the application is rarely used on desktop PCs, Microsoft has only provided the program with a few features so far. Now the Redmond-based company has planned an update with a new function.

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The Feature is currently unavailable

This is a QR code scanner. The feature is currently still hidden so that it cannot be used by normal users so far. As can be seen from a screenshot by Aggiornamenti Lumia, Microsoft has added a button for scanning barcodes and QR codes to the selection bar on the right-hand edge.

QR codes can refer to the store

After the camera app has captured a QR code, the user can display the content or open the website behind the link. This also includes references to the Microsoft Store, with which apps can be purchased and installed.

It is still unclear when Microsoft will officially start rolling out the new QR code scanner or when the function will be available to all users. It is conceivable that the feature will be built into the app with an update in the next few weeks.

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