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Windows 10 is Still More Popular Than Windows 11

The large influx of Windows 11 is still missing. That’s according to new statistics. Windows 11’s user share is only increasing slightly. Users have switched to Windows 10 version 21H2 just as often in recent weeks. This is evident from the latest figures from advertising marketer Adduplex In principle, the trends have changed little in the past four weeks. Windows 11’s market share is still less than 25 percent – few experts expected that. Approximately 60,000 PCs running Windows 10 or Windows 11 were evaluated for June 2022.

Since there are no official numbers on Microsoft’s market distribution, Adduplex’s monthly analysis is an interesting barometer of which Windows versions are popular. Windows 11 is now at 23.1 percent, according to Adduplex. So the increase is still very slow. In terms of user share, the two Windows 10 versions from 2021 are considerably higher than Windows 11: version 21H1 has a market share of 23.9 percent, and version 21H2 has 38.2 percent. Windows 11 and Windows 10 version 21H2 currently have about the same influx.

Not interested in Windows 11?

Meanwhile, Microsoft is already preparing for the first major feature update for Windows 11. However, the market share for Windows 11 continues to grow very slowly. The new operating system has been available for about nine months now and is still not really catching on with users. Whether Windows 11, with its still modest market share, is in line with Microsoft’s expectations is pure speculation.

Hardware hurdle

The extent to which the necessary hardware requirements for Windows 11 are a problem for users is questionable. This hurdle is high, but not inevitable. Experts wonder if Windows 11 simply suffers from an “image problem”.

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