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Windows 10X Likely To Launch In Early 2021

Windows 10x

Microsoft is still working flat out on its new version of Windows 10, the so-called Windows 10X, which is more geared towards mobile devices . According to a mostly well-informed blogger, it should be completed this year.

As Zac Bowden, who works for Windows Central, has learned from his usually reliable sources, work on Windows 10X is well on schedule. According to Bowden, the operating system, which with a special, optimized surface is intended primarily for mobile devices such as the Surface Neo, should be ready in 2020.

Aimed for RTM in December

Specifically, he mentions December 2020 as the period for the so-called Release To Manufacturing (RTM), which of course only refers to the completion of the development work for a first final version, as has been the case for several years. The “Final” is ultimately only an intermediate step since Windows 10X should also be continuously developed and updated in the future.

According to Bowden, the availability of Windows 10X should be possible in spring 2021, although this naturally depends on the course of the development and test phase. According to the colleague, it is currently still open whether Windows 10X can even be tried out by external testers. The publication of pre-release versions for participants in the Windows Insider program is therefore not certain.

It is unclear whether external testers are allowed to try Windows 10X

Instead, Bowden thinks it is likely that Microsoft will initially wait for the completion of a first edition to be described as the preliminary final version. Only this “RTM build” will then be released to independent testers, if Microsoft should actually decide in favor of external testing, according to his prognosis.

Microsoft first announced Windows 10X along with its dual-screen tablet Surface Neo. At that time, it was assumed that it would be available this year, but the schedule has now changed.

Most recently, there was talk of introducing “normal” PCs (i.e. devices with a single display) in spring 2021. Availability for dual-screen devices should not be expected until 2022, it said at the beginning of October. The Surface Neo is therefore not expected to be available in stores until the year after next.

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