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Windows 11 22H2: Desktop Wallpaper Sticker Appeared

A future version of the Redmond operating system Windows 11 should have a new personalization feature. Users can add stickers to their desktop backgrounds. In addition, everyone should be able to edit the stickers with an editor app. The feature is not currently activated and was discovered by Twitter user Albacore in the code of the Redmond operating system. In the settings, there should soon be the possibility to decorate the wallpaper with stickers.

The option will then appear in the “Background” submenu, which can be found under the “Personalization” item. The images should be editable with a new sticker editor. Microsoft should expand the context menu to include the “Edit Sticker” entry. As long as no slideshow is used, the background is not automatically adapted to the screen and only one monitor is used, the stickers should not change if the background is changed.

Stickers should not be animated at first

Until now, it is still unclear what the stickers are for and how they should work exactly. The stickers for wallpaper are expected to be static images. It would of course be conceivable that Microsoft would provide the stickers with animations. However, Albacore assumes that the stickers are initially static. Whether the stickers are related to the new third-party widgets is not yet known. Perhaps the Redmond company is working to bring the Vista gadgets, which were deprecated at the time for security reasons, to Windows 11.

At the moment it is still unclear when the stickers can be added to the desktop backgrounds. The code has only appeared in experimental builds so far. However, it won’t be long before the feature will land in a first insider version of the operating system and be tested by the first users. Microsoft could then roll out a final build with the stickers in the coming months.