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Windows 11 Gets New Volume Design

Windows 11 Volume

The day after tomorrow Microsoft will present its new or revised Windows 11 operating system, but the surprise is long gone. Because a week ago, as is well known, a very advanced version leaked. And it still has something interesting to offer.

Microsoft will unveil Windows 11 at a large online event and on Thursday, June 24th, it will also be revealed whether the Redmond-based company will see the operating system as completely new or as an update to Windows 10. There are many improvements, but Windows 11 doesn’t seem to be fundamentally new either. No wonder: It has been known “only” as a Sun Valley update for the current OS.

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But there are still enough innovations, these also address various larger construction sites and small things. The latter category also includes the volume flyout, which appears in the upper left corner when you change the volume – of the system or the current media playback – using the keyboard. In this window, you can press pause/resume and change the volume with the mouse.

Entirely new design

However, the current solution is not exactly popular because the Metro design from Windows 8 is still used here. And for all those who don’t like it, there is now the good news: In the course of Windows 11, the flyout will also be revised and the changes can also be summarized as “Windows 11-typical”.

In the future, the window will have rounded corners and an overall “softer” design. As Windows Latest has discovered, there will apparently also be several adjustable sizes and designs or modes. Of course, things can still change here for the release – but of course, this applies to all areas of Windows 11.