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Windows 11 has Start menu problems and a boot loop after patch day

After the most recent patch day, there is already a good overview of the problems that the Windows 11 update brings. This time, sometimes they are so severe that those affected can no longer use their PC because they are stuck in your boot loop. Microsoft recently released Windows 11 Update KB5015814, which includes security fixes and the new “Find Highlights” feature, as well as improvements for PowerShell users.

However, it turns out after a few days that this update is anything but bug-free – there have been many reports of massive issues occurring after installation. as the Online magazine Beta News reports, there are a large number of different error descriptions that now appear regularly. This includes a bug that prevents the start menu from closing properly because it is interrupted by an app.

There is speculation that some issues are related to Malwarebytes. Security solution users share information about post-update issues on Reddit. Others report that after installing KB5015814, their system no longer boots properly and instead gets stuck in a boot loop.

Error code 0x8000ffff

Other users have already had a problem installing the update. The error code 0x8000ffff comes up and indicates that the update cannot be installed.

Share bugs in the Feedback Hub

Microsoft is already investigating the bug reports. Engaged people should share their experiences with issues through the Feedback Hub. There is no entry in the knowledge base about any of the newly discovered issues. If you haven’t installed the update yet and would rather be careful, keep an eye on the Knowledge Base to see if more details about the errors are published there. If these are not isolated cases, there must be a solution quickly.

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