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Windows 11 Launch Date Is Expected To Be October 20

Windows 11 October 20

If the official release date for Windows 11 has not yet been explicitly mentioned, Microsoft is leaving various hints on the network that indicate a release on October 20th. These can be found not only in the company’s event stream but also in PR material.

When it comes to the availability of the new Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft is currently primarily talking about autumn, the pre-Christmas business, or “later in 2021”. Small hints by Reddit, which the Redmond-based company have more or less hidden in the official marketing material, indicate that a fixed date could already be set. If you take a look at some of the official screenshots that the company published in the course of the Windows 11 presentation, the date on the taskbar is indicated as October 20, 2021.

October Release Hinted In Teams Message

In such an elaborately produced presentation, one can assume that even the smallest details like this or visible team messages as reported by The Verge to Windows boss Panos Panay were deliberately placed in exactly the same way. While Panay talks about the design change and the dark mode of Windows 11, a message from his Microsoft colleague Stevie Bathiche is displayed in his info center. “Good luck today, Panos! I’m excited to be turning up to 11. Can’t wait for October!” Reads here.

If you consider the exact eleven-minute trailer for the Windows startup sounds and the teaser video that pointed to Windows 11 in advance, you can safely assume that these notes were deliberately added to the presentation and the PR material. Until the release date is officially announced, however, these hints must still be viewed with a certain skepticism, even if the direction could be the right one and Microsoft could meet all of the above-mentioned period specifications with a release on October 20, 2021.