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Windows 11 May Not Run On M1 Macs

M1 Macs

Since the discussion about the cooperation of the new Microsoft operating system Windows 11 with various hardware is already underway, the barrel with the new Apple systems can also be opened – and here it becomes maximally imprecise.

In the present preview versions, Windows 11 is also available in a variant for ARM-based systems. According to the official information from Redmond, at least a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 or a better chip is required for its use. In view of the fact that Apple’s M1 is now the most widespread ARM processor in notebooks and desktop PCs, it was clear that Microsoft had to position itself here as well.

In response to a request from British magazine The Register However, a spokesman for the software company managed not to commit himself as best he could. The operation of Windows 11 on Apple’s M1 chips is “not a supported scenario”, it said. That can mean anything and everything. Probably the best interpretation is: Microsoft guarantees nothing to make it work, but neither will it prevent it with any tricks.

Virtualization could be possible

So if there is a corresponding interest on the part of the user, nothing speaks against bringing Windows 11 to the M1 with some additional codes in the substructure. And this is exactly what the Parallels Desktop 17 virtualization software does, for example. The Insider Builds could already be installed here, but then there were problems that are said to have been resolved with the latest update to Parallels Desktop 17.0.1. The manufacturer is already actively taking care of getting Windows 11 to run at least in a virtualized environment.

However, so far there is no approach for a native boot situation. So far there has always been a solid base of users who installed Windows at least as a second system on their Mac and used dual-boot options for this. It cannot yet be said whether they will be able to choose between macOS and Windows 11 when their computer starts up in the foreseeable future.