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Windows 11 New Build Fixes Many Bugs While Some Are Still There

Windows 11

Microsoft started today to deliver two new builds of Windows 11 to insider testers. They mostly bring bug fixes and also something new. The new beta build makes it clear: some bugs remain even after the launch of Windows 11.

While the beta channel receives the new Windows 11 build 22000.184 in the form of a cumulative update, the dev channel is supplied with Windows 11 build 22454. The fact that the beta version is only updated via a cumulative update is not surprising, after all, the operating system is shortly before the launch date on October 5, 2021.

The beta is now only cautiously supplied with bug fixes, probably because Microsoft has most of the major problems only later in the course of the gradual roll-out of Windows 11 from the world. This could also be the reason why the list of persistent problems is extremely long.

Some bigger bugs probably also in the release version

Among other things, there are still problems with the new start bar and handling games or switching between the desktop interface and games using Alt + Tab. The start bar problems are said to be new bugs after allegedly getting a grip on the errors that occurred in connection with the last beta.

Microsoft lists all known problems, but also the most recent bug fixes for build 22000.184, as always in a detailed entry in the Windows Insider Blog.

Dev channel with more bug fixes

In the new Windows 11 Build 22454, which is distributed to Insiders in the Dev Channel, there are significantly more bug fixes. Presumably, Microsoft is trying to get build ‘22400’ ready for the release, while the dev channel is preparing the later gradual roll-out of the operating system to the broad mass of users with various bug fixes.

So there are only a few new features for the time being, but at least one pair – yes, really only one pair, i.e. exactly two. Right-clicking on the recycle bin now shows the new context menu design. In addition, you can now pin a network drive in quick access in the file explorer without first having to select the button for further options.

In connection with the bug fixes made in Windows 11 Build 22454, Microsoft explains that some of them should also be made available in the “Release Version” of the new operating system as servicing updates. The developers did not reveal which these will be. In the case of the latest build for the dev channel, Microsoft also provides more detailed information in the Windows Insider Blog.