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Windows 11 Might Get Moving Taskbar Feature

Windows 11

The new Windows 11 taskbar has been one of the new or revised areas of Windows that has been hotly debated from the start. Users who have tested the new operating system would like a few more changes.

This emerges from a new report by the online magazine Neowin. Windows 11 will bring a multitude of changes with it – all of which, of course, represent an improvement from Microsoft’s point of view. However, some of the changes, especially for the taskbar, are not so well received by users. Some of the testers miss functions that have been completely removed by Microsoft or are now even more difficult to access, which makes the usual work cumbersome.

In the Feedback Hub, where Windows Insiders can leave their comments on individual Windows 11 functions, the most requested feature at the moment is that the taskbar can be easily moved.

This is currently not planned – and it will not be long before Microsoft plans the final release of Windows 11. The group wants to start the new operating system as early as October 5th. The Windows team has already reacted in the past with regard to the wishes of the users that had accumulated in the Feedback Hub.

20,000 people Requested the feature to change the taskbar

The situation is different when it comes to placing the taskbar itself: For a long time, Windows offered the option of moving the taskbar to one of the four sides of the screen. With Windows 11, however, users will be limited to using the taskbar at the bottom of the screen as Microsoft removed the option to move it to the sides or up. The removal did not go down well with Windows users: There are now over 20,000 reviews in the Feedback Hub in which users ask Microsoft to restore the option.