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Windows 11 Now Allows Smartphone Link To iPhones

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From now on, all Windows 11 users will have access to the smartphone link (Dubbed: Phone Link) between PCs and Apple iPhones. Notifications, contacts, calls, SMS, and iMessages can thus be synchronized, received, and sent on Windows devices.

The apps for Smartphone-Link and Link to Windows already left their beta phases in the Microsoft Store and Apple App Store at the end of April. However, the distribution of the long-awaited features were carried out in waves. Only now does the Redmond-based company announce in a blog post that the rollout is complete and that the connection is possible for everyone now.

While users of smartphones with Google Android have been able to enjoy a wide range of functions for some time, the connection between Windows 11 PC and iOS devices is associated with various restrictions.

Smartphone Link: Not a true WhatsApp desktop replacement

Apple’s restrictions allow you to receive and send messages (such as SMS and iMessage), but not to sync your message history. There is also no support for media (e.g. images and videos), group chats, and voice messages. Notifications and the ability to receive and make calls – including FaceTime audio – are almost fully integrated.

The Phone Link (Microsoft Store) and Link to Windows (App Store) apps are available for download for users interested in using Windows-iPhone synchronization. The installation and setup is done via QR code and Bluetooth and only take a few minutes. The only requirements are a Windows 11 device and an iPhone with iOS 14 or higher. The apps are currently not available for iPads (iPadOS) or MacBooks (MacOS).