Windows 11 Now Supports HDR Wallpapers In JXR Format

Microsoft is currently working on improvements for users who use a high dynamic range (HDR) monitor with Windows 11. As the latest feature, the Windows team has now added support for new HDR wallpapers.

HDR wallpapers in JXR format

This is reported by the online blog Neowin. As of Windows 11 Build 23516, Microsoft supports high-resolution HDR background images in JXR format.

Build 23516 is the latest build from the dev channel and is out now. If you want to try it out, you have to register for the insider previews and will then be offered the update. After installing Windows 11 build 23516 compatible hardware can then display the high dynamic range wallpapers using JXR format images.

Microsoft provides sample images

You can check whether your own monitor supports the high dynamic range in Settings > System > Display > HDR. Any image in JXR format can then be set as the desktop background. For testing, Microsoft has offered some HDR images in JXR format for download on the Windows blog.

As with other wallpapers, selecting and activating is simply done via the Settings app > Personalize > Customize background > Image > Browse photos.

HDR wallpaper support in Windows 11 is currently being tested as part of the Windows Insider program, so expect possible bugs in the form of display issues, for example. For example, Microsoft says some laptops with HDR displays may experience issues with high dynamic range wallpapers.

JXR or JPEG XR (eXtended Range) is an image compression standard developed by Microsoft. Announced in 2007, the format features improved compression, lossless support, better color accuracy, embedded ICC (International Color Consortium) color profiles, transparency, and more.

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