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Windows 11 retail packing appeared for the first time

Windows 11 Retail

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s current operating system and most of you may have gotten it through a Windows 10 upgrade. Alternatively, some probably pre-installed it or got it with a key. But there is also retail packaging that has (only) become clear. The current operating system from the Redmond company has been officially available since last fall and currently has a market share of somewhere below 20 percent.

Exact numbers are currently hard to come by, the 19 percent value comes from AdDuplex, but their results have always been considered less reliable and exact. Be that as it may, most of the users may have received the latest Microsoft operating system digitally. Today, no one goes to the computer store to take a packaged data carrier and then install the new operating system.

Windows 11 “Boxed” version

However, this cannot be completely ruled out and that also means that there is a retail packaging or an associated design. The little or no need for box versions also explains why for seven months no one knew what the retail packaging looked like or why no one asked themselves this question. So far anyway: Because Luke Blevins has now revealed these designs on Twitter. You can see the packaging of the Home and Pro versions, but the motive isn’t too surprising. Because you see the blue “blinds” that you know from the well-known default desktop background called “Bloom”.

The source here is American electronics retailer Best Buy. This or Microsoft no longer sells the operating systems on DVDs or Blu-rays, but on USB sticks. No wonder: the number of computers that still have an optical drive is getting smaller and smaller these days, new laptops or desktop PCs with such a drive have long been the exception and no longer the rule.

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