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Windows 11 Taskbar To Have Drag And Drop Functionality In The beginning Of 2022

One of the central innovations of Microsoft’s new operating system is the completely redesigned taskbar and the associated start menu. Both elements look chic and also have functional improvements to offer, but Microsoft still needs to improve.

The taskbar is perhaps the most important element in the daily use of Windows and in the latest version of the operating system, the Redmond company has made some changes that make many angry. This includes forced grouping and the lack of the ability to drag programs or files and folders onto the taskbar. The latter also means that apps cannot simply be linked there using drag and drop, and opening a file via an application in the taskbar does not work in this way either.

Even before the release of Windows 11, Microsoft reacted to criticism in this direction; the company announced that it would support drag & drop later will.

New Year on the Dev Channel

That Microsoft is working on it has been known since September when such functionality will actually come, but was not yet clear. The dragging icons into the system tray “after the Christmas holidays in Redmond” will be enabled for the Dev channel of the Insider Preview. More than that: Microsoft will also be releasing other features for Windows 11 in the new year.

The timing is probably no coincidence: After Christmas, there should be an internal Windows 11 version change: Cobalt (21H2) is currently final, which is the already generally available version of Windows 11. Version 22H1 has the internal code name Nickel, the next big fall release (22H2) runs as Copper. And here the change takes place after the Christmas holidays.