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Windows 11 To Have Xbox subscription management in the Settings app

Microsoft has released a new preview for Windows 11 Update 23H2 for Insiders in the Dev channel. This will now launch a new Xbox subscription manager in Windows settings. There are also significant bug fixes. However, the innovations in this new version are limited. The new building has the number 25193 and belongs to the development branch of Sun Valley 3, ie to Windows 11 version 23H2. However, the content of the preview versions can be released much earlier – this is part of the changes in the release of new features.

In addition to the new Xbox subscription management, this also includes support for new braille displays in Narrator. All other changes are improvements and bug fixes: Microsoft fixed an issue that caused explorer.exe to crash sporadically due to the taskbar overflow. Another issue was that the start menu crashed when search markup was enabled.

Manage Xbox Subscription

However, the Xbox subscription management is of interest to all gamers and could be released to all users soon. As a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for consoles, or Xbox Live Gold, you can now view all subscription details in Settings > Accounts. Similar to Microsoft 365 subscription management, you can also find recurring bills, the payment method, and the games and benefits associated with the Xbox subscription.

Furthermore, the subscriptions can be managed and upgraded and gift cards can be redeemed. If you are looking for information about the other changes for the new construction, you will find it in the windows blog find it. Windows Insider boss Amanda Langowski and Windows executive Brandon LeBlanc filed the release notes there. Known issues are also reported.