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Windows 11 Users Are Now increasing

The market share of Windows 11 is growing – albeit hardly noticeably. The new Windows 11 versions together now have at least a share of around 18 percent. According to this, every sixth Windows PC now runs a Windows 11 version.

That’s according to the latest figures for January 2023 from website analyst StatCounter. The first weeks of the new year went relatively well for the distribution of Windows 11. The distribution of Windows 11 is now accelerated

after further release to Windows 10 users. Users even get full-screen banner ads that they should or can switch to Windows 11.

However, there are no official user numbers for Windows 11 so far, so you have to be content with the findings of analysts: Microsoft has always been stingy with figures on market distribution, which makes the insight that StatCounter provides every month all the more interesting. Windows 11 has now reached a share of around 18 percent. A year ago we reported a share of about 16 percent. Not much has happened since then, but in the last few weeks, there has finally been a small push toward the new OS.

Windows shares in percent

  • Windows 10 with 68.8 percent
  • Windows 11 with 18.12 percent
  • Windows 7 with 9.55 percent
  • Windows 8.1 with 2.88 percent

So you can see that there are a relatively large number of users who are still using old Windows versions – after all, Windows 7 and 8.1 together have a market share of over 12 percent.

Since Microsoft only supports the individual versions in the previously half-yearly and now annual updates for a relatively short time (provided with security updates), users now update faster. StatCounter regularly publishes the new market shares of the individual operating system versions at the end of the month, including Android, iOS, and ChromeOS. Since there are rarely official figures from the providers, these statistics are valuable starting points.