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Windows 11 welcomes third-party widgets this year

With Windows 11, developers will be able to create their own widgets very soon to offer them to users. If no precise date is given, for the time being, we can expect them before the end of the year.

Windows 10 introduced Widgets, then Windows 11 took them over by integrating them completely into the taskbar. These inform the user about the weather, the latest news, these unread emails… but that’s about it. All of that may change in the future.
For now, only Microsoft offers Widgets, but the company plans to leave third-party developers get their hands dirty and show theirs. This way everyone can create their own widget and make it available to the whole planet.

Microsoft promises the arrival of third-party widgets on Windows 11 soon

It was during the Build conference that Microsoft announced the thing. The arrival of Third-Party Widgets has long been rumored, but now it’s official. No specific date for the time being, but we can expect them at the end of the year according to the manufacturer’s own admission.

Microsoft lets developers create their own widgets for Win32 and PWA applications through the Adaptive Cards platform. The goal is to simplify the work as much as possible and let each application have its own, like on Android. So we can imagine many things such as a widget for a chat tool, for device management software, or even accompanying a video game.

The applications are endless. Note that Microsoft only speaks of Windows 11, the development of third-party Widgets does not seem to concern Windows 10, which also offers them. Now just waiting for more information from the company. Maybe they will come with the big October update As a reminder, Windows 11 was released in October 2021 and introduced many new features. The main one is a total visual overhaul, as well as the arrival of applications integrated directly into the ecosystem, such as these famous widgets.